The Law: Importance of Interpretation

As responsible citizens, we are not only the caretakers of our personal property (home, cars, wallets, handbags, etc), but we are also in charge of the safe keeping at our workplaces and our communities.  It is recommended that we make sure doors are properly locked and visitors are supervised at home in the car and [...]

Aristotle’s Philosophy of the Young versus the Old (Rhetoric, Book 11, Chap11-14) by Travis Tillery

Youth It has been determined and always been found that youth have strong and changeable desires and goals. They are quick-tempered and lack self-control and do not yield easily to reason.  Their focus is on superiority and they easily feel offended. They act to to increase their nobility rather than to implement useful ideas. They like victory over others [...]

Evocative Vocabulary

One of our greatest writers is the poet, Edgar Allen Poe, who could use words to conjure up pictures in our mind, so that we might never forget them. His most famous poem was “The Raven,” that begins “Once upon a midnight dreary . . .” His words were so powerful that one of our most dynamic [...]


Music and entertainment careers start at an early age in the United States. By the time people are teenagers, there would have been more entertaining than school. This not only true of Pop music, but also of American symphonic concerts. For those entering classical music careers, there are  about 37,00 concerts per year. Moreover, there are approximately 300 [...]