Travis Tillery

Dr. Donna Tillery’s son, Travis, is a musician, composer and CD producer as well as an Economist and Real Estate Agent. He was a precocious child from day one. At the age of three Travis told his Mt. Sinai director of daycare “Don’t go too fast or you will break your glasses.” Impressed, she quoted him in the Hospital Journal. At age five, he placed in the Gifted Program at North Beach Elementary. Accompanying Donna wherever she went, he always found a way to be involved, from giving patients their meds, to handing out flyers and selling holiday gift-wrap. As a young boy he traveled to Jamaica, visited people in jail there and wrote a story about how Jamaica was discovered by his grandfather. A spelling-bee champion, a green belt in Kung Fu, he completed the Summerbridge Program with the goal of helping poor children become educated. An all around athlete, at Ransom School in Track and Field, Golf, Bastketball, Football and band, he founded and hosted a school TV channel. Travis was featured in a program singing for the victims of the 2010 Haiti hurricane. He is the author of The Effects of Music on the Body, and the forthcoming Child of The Eternal Light, in which he explains his battle with obesity. Currently Travis is aligned with his mother’s goal of teaching health and nutrition, and he is especially devoted to his music.