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After her childhood in rural Jamaica, Donna Tillery was awarded a full scholarship to Alpha Academy in Kingston, and then a full Bristol-Myers scholarship to Columbia University in New York City. She earned undergraduate degrees in both Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences from Columbia, completing a six-year program in four years. Later she received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of the Pacific, Stockton, California, worked in pharmaceutical research in New York and at the Scientific Research Council. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including one from South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists, the Jamaican Nursing Association, and Community Health Awareness. Dr. Tillery was twice nominated for the Miami Herald Spirit of Excellence Award and she has been featured in The Miami Beach Sun Post,

The Miami Herald,Miami Times, Caribbean Today, WLRN Cable Magazine, and The American Society of Hospital Pharmacists’ Journal. Having served numerous hours of community service, Dr. Tillery has lectured locally and nationally, producing and hosting local cable TV Shows. She coordinated programs with local physicians, nurses, students and many health care workers and founded two health organizations: Community Health Awareness, Inc. and Community Education services. Dr. Donna Tillery is currently is a registered hospital pharmacist in Miami as well as a health activist in her community.

She is delighted to take her knowledge and expertise in nutrition, health and beauty to the global internet community.  


Resume: Donna Tillery, Pharm.D. 

Donna Alexis Tillery 

Cell Phone:(786) 423-1755


Provide consistently high quality patient care by accurate assessments of patients’ therapy and healthcare workers; and cost-effective wellness initiatives for Employers’ to enhance productivity; maintaining a high integrity under Federal and State laws, OSHA, JCAHO, HIPPA and other Patient Privacy Acts. And Medication Error Prevention



Continuing Education Courses, The Pharmacy Letter, Stockton, California,2005-Present

“Unbiased Evidence and Recommendations for The Pharmacist on New Developments in Drug Therapy,” Black Box Warning, Medication Errors, New Drugs, Drug interactions, Federal and State Laws, and Patient Privacy Protection 

Residency Training Program, Jackson Health Care Systems, Miami, Florida; Pharmacy Management: Formulary development, accreditations requirement, cost-containment innovations, legal considerations, feasibility studies of therapy modalities and the importance of Pharmacokinetics,1983-1984 

Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, Pharmacy, 1981, In-depth study of therapy outcome on the brain, kidney, and liver in normal and diseased patients 

Pharmacy (B.S.) Columbia University, New York, New York, Pharmacy 1976, Physiology, pharmacology, and Pharmacognosy, Compounding, etc. Health Sciences (B.S), 1975, Columbia University, New York, New York, 1975, Advanced Studies: Calculus III, Physics lll, Pharmacology lll, Graduate Studies (Statistics and Pharmacy Administration) Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Dobbs Ferry, New York,1977


Florida, New York (inactive), California (inactive)



Computer: Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Intellidose, Power Point, Microsoft Excel & Word



Miami, Florida-Founder & TelePharmacy Innovator: my job is to provide quality care by utilizing my greater than 35 years experience in documented interventions and patient counseling to ensure education and outreach programs, conduct accurate assessments in Medication Therapy Management face-face and using user-friendly technologies; Programs for Employers to improve productivity and employee wellness. This service will comply with all regulations of JCAHO, OSHA, U.S. Dept of Labor, National Safety Board, Medication Error and Disease Prevention, etc. 11/27/2012 to present (developmental phase) - 4/ 2012-present, global teaching of health and educational topics through monthly online articles to enhance life, reaching billions through Facebook and other Social Media 

Community Education Services/Community Health Awareness, Co-Founder/ Vice-President,1993-present, organized seminars at schools, churches and community venues to heighten awareness of risk factors of diseases; drug use and safety

 Published, “Little Knowledge” 10/2012 through Community Education Services, via Amazon and all social media. I participated in the International Book Fair, Miami Florida, November 2011 & 2012 12/27/2012 to present Video Performance of exercise: “Stretch Up Mon,” produced and directed by Travis Jarreau, and pioneering, “Classical Reggae,” worldwide market with colossal credits on social media 1000 views/4day @ You-tube and over 100,000 views/4day on Facebook. Also on Twitter, Stumbled-Upon, Google, Manta, etc

Author of several books at editor: ” Nutrition: From Farm to Pharmacy,” (publishing date is early 2013) “Cumbe,” “No Country For Old Women,” to name a few. 

Host and Producer of TV show 1995-present. WLRN cable shows aired in English and Spanish. Many renowned community leaders participated: Judge Wendell Graham, Drs. Blyden, Chan and Coy, Travis Jarreau. 

Leading innovator as a sythezist for  


Miami, Florida. Pharmacist, June 2nd, 2002 to 11/27/2012

Computer: Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Intellidose, Power Point, Microsoft Excel & Word

Professional Expertise provided to: Drs. Goodwin, Benedetto, Y. and E. Ahn, Lossos, Feun, Tolba, Rosenblatt, Patin, Ardalan, Arnold, Periera, Raez, Trent, Sword to name a fewHead Nurses: Cabrera & Bradley, Charge Nurse Marcia Johnson, to name a few

Departmental Service: Stem Cell Transplant, Pediatrics, Surgery: (general, head and neck, thyroid,) Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, GYO, General Medicine etc.

Evaluated in top 5%, 2003, 2004, 2005 of 9000 University employees.2002-2012- I was the most prolific and productive pharmacist.

Tenaciously, reviewing and documenting over 100,000 interventions. I generated Revenue over $750 million and cost savings over $20 million from interventions and additional immeasurable amount realized elsewhere.

2002-2012, documented over 100,000 clinical interventions associated with error prevention and medication safety, Anticoagulation, Renal Drug Dosing.

2002-2012, Relentless applied the patients right to privacy under HIPPA laws, to environmental services and visitors to the Department

I maintained a rapid turn-around time: less than 15 minutes for clinic patients and 20 minutes in the Intravenous and Chemotherapy Preparation room: identified work flow through “Time and Motion” studies, how to effectively prepare needed items during down times. Most time on the afternoon shifts, I would enter, fill, check and deliver medications.

Over the 10.5 years, I was able to maintain medication error rate of 0.001% for order entry and 0.003% for dispensing; accomplished by intense teamwork: inquisitiveness, Medication Reconciliation, active participation in

management decision: (identifying Totect as a Chemo agent, inappropriate cardiac needles on needle-less devices during Code Blue, medication Par levels,the need for a Standardized form for Narcotics :implemented, etc.)

2002-2012, I participated in over 500 Code Blue emergencies (99% success rate)

2002- 2006, I was a member of Code Blue and Disaster Committee: a) I recommended and implemented changes of how many unit and additional drug types needed on the Crash Cart. b) I conducted hospital-wide seminars and simulation on ” Step-Wise Selection and Administration of Code Blue Drugs.” (100% survey satisfaction on contents and efficacy.)

Mrs. Regina Jollivette Frazier, Director and Dr. Dennis Patin, Chief, Anesthesiology.

I also participated in developing and presenting drug monographs forthe Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. In addition, I participated in Joint Commission Inspections, with interviews and positive feedback in 2005. Also, I lectured to all healthcare workers on Pain Management in Cancer Patients; Pharmacology of Drugs Used in Urgent Care (ACLS l &ll,), Insulin Therapy, etc. My compassion and commitment to patients were featured in the Miami Herald, (2006).

In 2005, I was a principal Interface Technology, developer of the hospital-wide Cerner Computer Program, locally and in Kansas City.

I was unique in finding the problem and providing almost an instantaneous solution, which highly impressed the nurses and physicians. I worked effortlessly on patient counseling and orientation of new staff in pharmacy, nursing, and on the medical staff as to the right protocols for various treatment.

2010, Prepared medication on the midnight shift for delivery to Haiti after the devastating earthquake

 I utilized a keen awareness and inquisitiveness in providing Service Exellence: a unique gift to simplify information for everyone. For Example after seeing a patient in severe pain, I requested a physician set up an immediate appointment and change treatment plan. Later I found out the patient had 10 brain surgeries after a car accident and was on an incorrect pain management regimen. Another time, I was delivering stat medication with a swollen and fractured ankle; a bed being rolled from Surgery, almost went over my foot, and I called out to alert the nurse. On that bed, was one of the world’s greatest politician, who opened his eyes and blessed me for my Service.

 I was tenacious in observing and providing alternatives to pharmacy management: security issues (camera), when I worked the night shift, drugs that were frequently out of stock, etc; time management, reasons for medication delays and medication errors, deviation of employees from Policy and Procedure in handling Hazardous compounds, unauthorized personnel in the Narcotic vault. Rigorous training of new employees, etc.

 I was very energetic, highly motivated and maintained a flexibility of schedule, working any shift or location needed: usually 12 nonstop hours on the graveyard assignment and once completed a 24 hours non-stop during Hurricane Wilma, once 150 hours in a 2-week interval.. 

I fostered goodwill in the hospital, by treating all new physicians, nursing and pharmacy personnel, and visitors as guests of the hospital; celebrating birthdays and baby showers..


Miami Beach, Florida, February 1985 to March 2002: Pharmacist: Pharmacy Staff Development Coordinator. Clinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy, (Miami), University of Florida Mr. Jack Cronk Director,1984-1987; Mr. Keith Mears, Acting Director 1987-2002 full time; evaluated in the top 5% (9/1984 to 2/1985 part time; 2/1985-3/2002 fulltime

Professional Services: Drs. Agaston (South Beach Diet), Lamas ( now at University of Miami, Williams (Open Heart Surgeon now at University of Miami), Slavin, Rasken, Chan, Sendeschew 

Over 17 years, I generated $1.5 billion in revenues and $60 million in cost savings. The impact of my work as a Staff Development Coordinator was highlighted in the Miami Beach SunPost. 1993. With numerous papers and presentation at State and National conventions. 

I developed inter-departmental weekly medical/pharmaceutical seminars and worked alonein the Satellite Pharmacy servicing all Cardiac Units: Catheterization Lab, Post-open Heart, Internal Medicine, Medical Intensive Care. I was the most prolific and productive pharmacist generating 600 order entries per day, while at the same time reviewing each patient’s profile. I actively intervened in therapeutic decisions that directly affected patients’ outcome, including patient counseling. 

As a Staff Development Coordinator, I facilitated 500 weekly hospital-wide lectures by physicians, nurses and pharmacists and 500 Interdisciplinary Rounds. I presented, 200 Nursing and Pharmacy in-services.

I attended over 1000 Code Blue events with a 99% success rate. I maintained a high level of commitment in Adverse Drug Reaction training and reporting. I participating in Joint Commission On Accreditation Inspections, Coumadin and Heparin monitoring, Renal

Monitoring, Antibiotics, aminoglycoside dosing, TPN, and drug information. 

Saint Frances Hospital, Miami Beach Florida Aug 1984–Feb 1985 Clinical pharmacist, Saint Francis Hospital, Miami Beach, FL. 

San Francisco, California, 1981-1983, Pharmacy Internship and Relief Pharmacist 

Letterman Army Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, Jan 1982- June 1983: Hospital training in Sterile Product Preparation. 

Vick Research, Division of Richardson and Merrell, NY, Jan 1977-1979, Research Scientist: Exploratory Research of new cough emulsion; product improvement of tablets, and cough liquids like Nyquil and Daycare, and lotions like Oil of Olay. 

Upper Manhattan Medical Center, New York, NY, 1974-1976, pharmacy internship training. 

Biomedical Laboratories, Queens, New York,1973 -1974 Medical Receptionist 

June 1971 – July 1972 Research Assistant, University of the West Indies and Scientific Research Council, Kingston, Jamaica 

University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, Prior to 1972 Technician, Biochemistr: protein and oil extraction and assays using Thin Layer Chromatography extraction &Microbiology: performing andinterpreting bacterial cultures of urine and blood.



University of Miami, United Way donor 1% of annual salary, 2003-2007

Community Education Services, Inc. and Community Health Awareness, Inc.1993 to present, $50,000 to $80,000 donation per year 



University of Miami, 10-year Service, June 2012

University Of Miami Certificate of Appreciation: Presentation and Simulation of Code Blue Drugs, 2004

University sponsorship to Cerner Computer Development, KansasCity, 2005

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Staff Development Honors, 1991 & 1995:

Community Health Awareness, Achievement, 1997

Miami Herald Nomination for Spirit of Excellence, 1997 & 1998

Jamaican Nursing Association 1993

South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists, 1984

Full tuition Award at Columbia University, 1973-1976



Miami Herald, 2006,&1997

2003-2007 Quest Magazine, University of Miami (United Way donor)

Miami Times, January, February, March 1997,

Miami Beach SunPost, 1993

Caribbean Today 1995

WLRN Signal, 1




10/2012 Bacteria: Masters of our Economy

9/2012 Do You Believe Everything Green is Good for You?



4/2004 Presentation: “ACLS Class I & II Code Blue Drugs, University of Miami

5/ 2004 Lecture: “Drugs used in Pain Management: University of Miami

2003-2005 Lectures: “Adverse Drug Reaction,” “Proton Pump Inhibitors” & “Renal Monitoring of Drugs” University of Miami

1985-2002 “Dialysis and Drug Therapy,” “Drugs used in Cardiac

Arrhythmias” “Coumadin Monitoring” Staff Development Topics:

“Cardiology: Arrhythmias, PTCA, Syncope;” “Gastroenterology”

“Pulmonary, Addiction, Nutrition, Surgery, Coagulopathies” “Infectious

Disease, AIDS/HIV, Cost Savings,” Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Fl.

12/1992 Presentation: “Staff Development: Integrating Practice Skills with Teamwork Skills” American Society of Hospital

Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting, Orlando, FL

12/1989 “Review of Guidelines for Chemotherapeutic Agents” American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Atlanta, GA

12/84 “An Evaluation of a New System for the Administration of Intermittent Drugs” American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Midyear Meeting

6/84 “The Pharmacokinetics of Lidocaine and Bretyllium” Florida State/Dade County Academy of Medicine, Miami, FL

6/1984 “A Cost Effective Study of The Syringe Pump System: A New Method for the Accurate Delivery of Intermittent Drugs” 41st American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Annual Meeting Boston, Massachusetts and Athens, GA

5/84 “Pharmaceutical Terminology” South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Miami Beach, FL

1984 “Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal” “Effective Use of Antimicrobial Therapy,” and “Controlled Substances Policies and Procedures” “Indications and Monitoring of Parenteral Nutrition” Nursing In-Service Program, Mount Sinai Medical Center Miami Beach, FL

1984 “Total Parenteral Nutrition –FundamentalPrinciples and Standards of Use ”and “Pathogenesis and Management of Tuberculosis” Resident Case Presentation, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL

2/1984 “Clinical Pharmacy Practice within my Institution in the Year 2000” Paper submitted for the 1984 Pharmacy Industry Seminar for Hospital Pharmacy Residents (E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.) Princeton, NJ



3/10/1984 Tillery, D., Osterberger D.J., Tomecko, G.W. “A cost effective Study of the Syringe Infusion Pump System: New Method for the Accurate Delivery of Intermittent Drugs” Paper presented at the 15th Annual Southeastern Conference for Post- Graduate Pharmacy Education and Training, Athens, GA

5/1984 Tillery,D. “Pharmaceutical Terminology” Paper presented at The South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists Educational Program for Supportive Personnel, Miami, FL

6/5/1984 Tillery D., Osterberger, B.J., Tomecko, C.W. Franko, T.C. “A cost effective Study of the Syringe Infusion Pump System: New Method for the Accurate Delivery of Intermittent Drugs” Paper submitted for publication, poster presented at the 41st American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

6/19/1984 “The Pharmacokinetics of Lidocaine and Bretylum”

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Florida state/ Dade County

Academy of Medicine, Miami, FL

10/28/1984 D.K. Tilllery and A. Knudsen, “Budgetary Decisions in I.V. Systems” Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists

12//4/1984 “An Evaluation of a New System for the Administration of Intermittent Drugs” American Society of Hospital Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting

10/19/83 “Penicillin-Pharmacy Update,” Paper presented at the 17Th Annual Meeting of the Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists Educational Program for Supportive Personnel, Orlando, FL

6/1980 “Treatment of Tylenol Toxicity” Paper presented to the faculty and students, University of the Pacific School ofPharmacy, Stockton, CA

1/1980 “The Use of Metoclopramide in Oncology Chemotherapy” Unpublished graduate essay, University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy, Stockton, CA

1980 “Review of Pharmacokinetics” and “The Effectiveness of Antacids in the Treatment of Ulcers” Medical Staff In-Service Program, CA

1980 “Urinary Tract Infections,” “Ulcerative

Colitis,” “Artial Fibrillation” and “Pneumococcal Pneumonia” Clerkship

Presentations, CA

1980-1983 “Alcohol Withdrawal” “Antacids in Ulcer Therapy” (medical staff In-Service) “Antimicrobial Therapy” CA 

1984- present “Outlines for Community Teaching” 

1985- present “Pamphlet for Coumadin Monitoring and Patient Teaching 



South Florida Writers Association 2012-present

American Society of Health Care Systems (to be renewed)

Florida Society of Health Care Systems (to be renewed)

South Florida Society of Hospital Pharmacists (to be renewed)

Member Board of Directors, South Florida Society of Health Care System, 1984

Chairperson of South Florida Residents Group, 1983-84

Chairperson, Committee on Supportive personnel, 1984

Jackson Memorial Hospital Discharge Planning Committee, Member, 1983-84

Dade Academy of Medicine, consultant, 1983-84



Coordinate medical and pharmaceutical information for North Beach Elementary School, Miami Beach

Produce and host community medical programs at Cable-TAP, Channel 36,

WLRN, Miami, FL Member, Education Committee, Jamaican Nursing

Association Miami, Florida 1993

Founder, Community Health Awareness, Inc. Miami, FL 1993 United Way, Donor