Little Knowledge NEW Ebook by Donna Tillery

Donna Tillery’s book is a prelude to her forthcoming book “Ageless Beauty”. In “Little Knowledge” she talks about health, love, work ethics, law, and life on the farm. If you are into feeling good body, mind and spirit this book is for you. Bacteria: The Masters of Our Economy and LivesHow to Love One AnotherWork [...]


The Little Synthesizer NEW EBOOK

How does music effect your life, and your health? This book explains how. by Travis Tillery


Music: Digital Drug Therapy by Travis Tillery

Different music affects the electrical activity of the brain. The effects depend on the pitch, tone color and dynamics, rhythm, beats, melody, harmony, forms, and style. We can repeat or contrast sounds to stimulate our moods. Music is used in our society politically, economically, and socially. William Shakespeare stated “The man that hath no music [...]


Travis Tillery

Travis’ goal is to lead his community in guiding it along the road to optimum health, targeting different destinations tailored for each individual, providing counseling and advice on proper nutrition and diet, exercise and a wholesome, holistic life style, especially for those people who risk their health due to obesity. Travis inspires through his speech, [...]


Travis Education

Dr. Donna Tillery’s son, Travis, is a musician, composer and CD producer as well as an Economist and Real Estate Agent. He was a precocious child from day one.