Stairway to Health

My new ebook, “Stairway to Health” is now available on all the major booksellers sites.   Stairway to Health by Donna Tillery – Kindle Stairway to Health by Donna Tillery – Nook Stairway to Health by Donna Tillery – Itunes   About the Book: As a baby boomer, pharmaceutical scientist, researcher, and lecturer, my goal [...]

Stretch Up Mon’ by Reggae Donna

Ladies and Gentlemen: Here is the world premiere of  Reggae Donna very first song, “Stretch Up Mon’!”  Now, TURN IT UP!!

Work Ethics in the United States

Youth is the premier characteristic of the American work culture. This fact has resulted in millions of dollars spent by the older population every year in an attempt to look and feel younger. In the work place, being youthful is associated with strength, energy, possibilities, and freedom. If anyone is perceived as old, they are [...]