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My new ebook, “Stairway to Health” is now available on all the major booksellers sites.  

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About the Book:

As a baby boomer, pharmaceutical scientist, researcher, and lecturer, my goal is to help you keep your body alive with various rejuvenating techniques. This dynamic book encourages you to constantly renew your youth through self-preservation. This book will help you change the chemicals in yourself. The goal is for you to learn how to change your body dynamically with an emphasis on the face and abdomen. This book focuses on my diet, simple delightful recipes, and exercise, especially twisting, along with the use of leg weights, and some cardiovascular work; physiological changes, and psychological well-being: staying positive in thought, activity, meditation, and association. 

I will advise you about foods and supplements rich in serotonin that deliver feelings of well-being and keep you energetic. This book also contains an introduction to simple exercise and skincare. 

It is no secret that the body undergoes an immeasurable amount of changes from birth to old age. Just look at a newborn baby and an old person. What a difference! It’s like night and day. Sadly enough for some of us, aging occurs more quickly than average. However, we are responsible for our own health and happiness, which requires consistent work for us to be vibrant and beautiful. There is no need for expensive life-threatening surgeries, painful devastating fasting, or drugs. Anybody can use this diet. The new lifestyle I recommend is designed to get you in shape and slow down the aging process. It features an all natural and purely organic diet. With this heightened knowledge, you will have MORE control over your life!

Stretch Up Mon’ by Reggae Donna

Ladies and Gentlemen: Here is the world premiere of  Reggae Donna very first song, “Stretch Up Mon’!”  Now, TURN IT UP!!

Little Knowledge NEW Ebook by Donna Tillery

Donna Tillery’s book is a prelude to her forthcoming book “Ageless Beauty”. In “Little Knowledge” she talks about health, love, work ethics, law, and life on the farm. If you are into feeling good body, mind and spirit this book is for you.

Bacteria: The Masters of Our Economy and Lives
How to Love One Another
Work Ethics in the United States
Do You Believe Everything Green is Good for You?
Do I really need an energy drink or a vitamin B12 supplement?
The Law: Importance of Interpretation
Evocative Vocabulary
Aristotle’s Philosophy of the Young versus the Old (Rhetoric, Book 11, Chap11-14)
The Origin of the Transformation: The Farm Paradise Lost

The Little Synthesizer NEW EBOOK

How does music effect your life, and your health? This book explains how.

by Travis Tillery

The Law: Importance of Interpretation

As responsible citizens, we are not only the caretakers of our personal property (home, cars, wallets, handbags, etc), but we are also in charge of the safe keeping at our workplaces and our communities. 

It is recommended that we make sure doors are properly locked and visitors are supervised at home in the car and at work. 

Managers should provide policies for after-hour visits and supervision of environmental and delivery personnel and deliveries. 



Homeowner, Ms. Bling, contracted handyman, Mr. Isee to paint. He showed up. Ms Bling then went to drink at pool with friends. She returned and saw Mr. Isee reaching to touch unlocked valuables. She called the police, who arrested him and the State prosecutor charged Mr. Isee with burglary. 

A) Question Of The Law

1) Is an observed “Reach” for an object burglary or theft?

2) What was the specific action of Mr. Isee?

3) Did the homeowner make the correct conclusion?

4) Did she know what he was thinking?

5) Did she explain her visitation policies to Mr. Isee?

6) What are Federal and state statutes?

7) Was this a felony?



1) Interpretation of The Applicable Laws:

Federal: Burglary, whether violent or non-violent is a felony, more severe, if drugs are involved.

Florida: Burglary is the unauthorized entry or visit after time on premises expires, except in a public building or if invited.

Theft: process to take is initiated or carried out, even for temporary use or emergency with or without accomplice

2) Authorities:

Officer of The Law: Protect and investigate disputes intelligibly to determine when to arrest and make charges.


3) Other Players

Defendant: Remain calm, obtain legal counsel and confront accuser

Defense Attorney: Assess charges, depose witness(es), trial by jury

Court: Make final decision based on accomplices, and accessories before, during and after the event. If the defendant is convicted, take away his/her right(s), revoke licenses. If the verdict is successfully appealed, erase record. If the conviction is a federal one, pardon may be needed by State Governor or the President.

C) Analysis of Just Cause:

1) Reasonable Suspicion/ Location

The owner has the responsibility of becoming reasonably suspicious, before the act. Ms. Bling home was a “High risk” area. She neither secured her valuables before Mr. Isee’s visit nor did she supervise her property or the departure time of Mr. Isee. Ms Bling was partying!

The homeowner was not absolutely sure of Mr. Isee and did not ask him any questions.

2) Authorities

The police Officer did not investigate, he arrested Mr. Isee on “hear-say”


3) Accomplice

The homeowner was an accomplice, leaving her valuables and home unattended. She invited Mr. Isee in without setting time limits or providing supervision.

4) Outcome

Mr. Isee was not guilty of any misdemeanors, even if there were fingerprints. Ms. Bling did not report anything missing and a reach for an object is not conclusive evidence.