How to Love One Another

Everyone’s mind has a the quintessential capacity to love or to hate.  Instilling love is an art that is very difficult. It is almost an impossible to keep someone loyal.  There is an art, one utilizing the art of war. There is a multifold practice among adults for betrayal, gossip, lies and competition.

The first part of love comes directly from Leo Tolstoy, Russia, 1885, ”What Men Live By.”  To summarize, there are three gifts from God 1) Q. “What dwells in man?”  A.”Love” empathy, helping others attain immediate needs; 2) Q. ” What is not given to man?” A. “To know his own needs,” What you do for others will be rewarded by God as he assess your needs;3) “What do men live by?”  A. “Love,”  No matter who you meet, even your family, they are all strangers. The only bond with them is love. Love in man is as important as photosynthesis is in plants.

The second aspect of love is taken from Georg Buchner, Germany, ”Woyzeck”, 1836.  Woyzeck was poor and his wife cheated on him, and he became jealous killed her. The judge stated that he was sane at the time. Woyzeck believed he was stronger than his wife. People may think you are weak You must have a strong side to counteract them. The cause of all violence comes from this one belief, where the aggressor, strengthen himself/herself by mentally or by external means such as alcohol. 

Staying strong involves maintaining your dignity and self-worth, apart from what others can do for you. This includes radiating beauty, impeccable health, proper speech, access to your savings and any other sources of cash You must have many talents for various aspect of your work  specialty, community work and many hobbies. Now that you have your ammunition, you  create boundaries around yourself. You  do not divulge your business or goals to anyone, not even your husband/wife.  Remember, life is war and in a war, you are armed to deal with anyone.

At work, smile and talk little about the cost of everything. Maintain your health, beauty, and eloquent speech ibecause they are visible. Your coworkers will want to eliminate you. Women must not divulge to other women their personal business. Men and women know that they cannot sexually harass one another. Sometimes men descend to become effeminate and act like women, to outsmart you. This also is a war of the young against the old. The most important thing is to welcome all new personnel including management. Remember everyone on their birthday at at Christmas. 

On a personal note, a woman must keep her man guessing what she is up to. Create doubt with the same method of beauty, health, staying busy, too busy for them. There should not be any visible signs of jealousy, just
create it in their minds. Most men think they are experts. But, there is also an art for men to deal with women.  This will be published by the Ageless Beauty in her role as, “The Love Doctor.”

By Donna Tillery 

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