Music and entertainment careers start at an early age in the United States. By the time people are teenagers, there would have been more entertaining than school. This not only true of Pop music, but also of American symphonic concerts. For those entering classical music careers, there are  about 37,00 concerts per year. Moreover, there are approximately 300 Opera performers who attract a faithful audience. 8 million people attend ballet performances each year.  

Music is such a complex, economical industry that, professional musicians need agents, managers, promotors, producers, sound engineers, broadcasters, merchants, attorneys, business advisers and accountants.  Americans spend more money buying prerecorded music and videos, than going to sporting events. Up to 6.9 billion dollars spent per year is spent on musical entertainment.  

One of five Americans play a musical instrument. Musicians in the beginning phase of their careers spend up to $5 billion a year on instruments, accessories and sheet music.   

Most of of us own more Iphone, Ipod, radios, CD players, DVD players, TV, car stereos and computers than we do bathtubs. The annual sales of DVD, CD and videos combined with prime delivery media, broadcasting exceeds the gross national product of more than 80 countries in the United Nations. Most of of us own more Iphone, Ipod, radios, CD players, DVD players, TV, car stereos and computers than we do bathtubs.  

Currently the rate of music production and consumption is faster in Latin America.

by Travis Tillery 

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