Music and entertainment careers start at an early age in the United States. By the time people are teenagers, there would have been more entertaining than school. This not only true of Pop music, but also of American symphonic concerts. For those entering classical music careers, there are  about 37,00 concerts per year. Moreover, there are approximately 300 Opera performers who attract a faithful audience. 8 million people attend ballet performances each year.  

Music is such a complex, economical industry that, professional musicians need agents, managers, promotors, producers, sound engineers, broadcasters, merchants, attorneys, business advisers and accountants.  Americans spend more money buying prerecorded music and videos, than going to sporting events. Up to 6.9 billion dollars spent per year is spent on musical entertainment.  

One of five Americans play a musical instrument. Musicians in the beginning phase of their careers spend up to $5 billion a year on instruments, accessories and sheet music.   

Most of of us own more Iphone, Ipod, radios, CD players, DVD players, TV, car stereos and computers than we do bathtubs. The annual sales of DVD, CD and videos combined with prime delivery media, broadcasting exceeds the gross national product of more than 80 countries in the United Nations. Most of of us own more Iphone, Ipod, radios, CD players, DVD players, TV, car stereos and computers than we do bathtubs.  

Currently the rate of music production and consumption is faster in Latin America.

by Travis Tillery 

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Do You  Believe  Everything “Green” is Good for You?

“Green” is the heart of America and it means money and wealth, although in the last twenty years, green has come to mean conservation of our environment. The symbolism of “GREEN” is global. Globally “Green” means hope, life, growth and the ability to move forward like the message of a green traffic light. Most citizens of other countries want a Green Card (Tarjeta Verde) to come to America for a better life. China produces the most green vegetables for global distribution. Along with other countries, the economics of green vegetables tantamount to 84 million dollars. Green landscapes empowers us with “life” mean lots of Oxygen for us to  breathe in for energy processes. Most shades of green have a long wavelength which is relaxing. The Wizard of Oz lives in Emerald City, with green symbolizing wisdom, while children love the Mermaid with green eyes, which they believe is magical. Recall, Popeye, the cartoon who got a lot of energy after eating spinach. Since green vegetables have most of the nutrients for our bodies, and they are cheap commodities, do you you realize how much money can be saved per household? 

On the other hand, green can symbolize envy, ignorance, jealousy, and sickness. Shakespeare wrote about “The green-eyed monster.” Olive green color is thought to have adverse effects on our brain waves. The green skin of apples do not have chlorophyll, it has Cyanide! Some green leaves have poison, excess medicinal compounds, or psychedelic drugs. There is Cannabis and the Deadly Nightshade plants to name a few examples. 

Any object that cannot absorb green reflects it. This object can absorb yellow and blue and other colors of the spectrum, while reflect green. For example, our plants have chlorophyll, a chemical that absorbs all wavelengths of white light, except green, which it reflects. The structure of Chlorophyll is similar to Vitamin B12 and Heme in the blood. These three compounds have a circular structure called porphyrin, a natural occurring substance, with a metal at the center.

Let us recall, Vitamin B12 has a circular Porphyrin structure, called Corrin with Cobalt metal ( attached to Cyanide) at the center, which appears pinkish-red. Chlorophyl, too has a circular porphyrin ring with Magnesium metal at the center and it appears green. In the future, we will discuss Heme, a portion of hemoglobin in the blood stream, which also has a circular porphyrin structure, with the metal Iron at the center. This Iron gives the blood red color and when it is bound to Oxygen, it is called Ferric Oxide. Therefore, to increase your awareness, most ( not all) red color products contain Ferric oxide. Ferrous sulfate is green.  

Let us connect Chlorophyll to Heme in our bloodstream. Some believe that because the chemistry is of Chlorophyll and Heme is so much alike, all the body does is to replace the Magnesium of Chlorophyll with Iron. As a result when we eat green vegetables., the magnesium moves out of the vegetables and the iron moves into the porphyrin. It must be emphasized that Magnesium in vegetables is one of the vital minerals for the body. If the vegetables are eaten unwashed, the bacteria will make more Vitamin B12 in the gut. Vitamin B12 increases the production of  Red Blood Cells  from the bone marrow, which transport heme in hemoglobin with oxygen. Therefore all processes are connected.  

The power of green is that green plants in the environment give us the Oxygen we need in the body. The oxygen intake can be increased by aerobic exercises. At the same time, we excrete Carbon Dioxide. The plants absorb this Carbon dioxide from us, and with the aid of sunlight make nutrients for our bodies. 

The importance of eating green vegetables is: (1) the chlorophyll decreases toxin (2) Vegetable protein comes in the form of enzymes which is necessary for digestion. Enzymes are compounds that break down carbohydrates, proteins, fat and other nutrients, so that it can be absorbed by the body. It is necessary to eat green vegetables at lunch time. This is because this the time that the body’s elimination process is finished and we need more enzymes for the food to be ingested that day. (3) The Magnesium present in vegetables will work with Calcium and other Vitamin B to prevent osteoporosis. (4) Vegetables have water and hormones and can keep our bodies cool. Now that Summer is here, this is a good time to eat more green vegetables.  

Green vegetables contain most nutrients and Vitamin F (Bio-flavanoids). Potassium is greater in vegetables than Sodium, which is more inprocessed foods. One can find Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper, and all B vitamins except B12 and Vitamin D. However if we eat unwashed vegetables, the bacteria present will start B 12 synthesis in the gut.  All B vitamins are good for energy and the immune system to decrease infections. There is also folic acid. Vitamin A occurs as carotene and is an antioxidant and to improve vision. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. An  antioxidant is a chemical that binds Oxygen to remove excess amounts from the body. Vitamin D is generated when we go into the sun. There is also Vitamin E, another antioxidant, vitamin K for clotting and Bio-flavanoids. 

Green vegetables have fat, only as Linoleic, and Alpha- Linoleic Acid that are important for cell membranes and the immune system.  Furthermore, green vegetables have protein in the form of enzymes, which immediatelyspeeds up chemical reactions like digestion, absorption and elimination.  Green vegetables have fiber, which provides the bulk force that pushes the food along the digestive tract. Green vegetables also have healing and cleansing  compounds. Allow me to review the action of a few vegetables: Celery and Dandelion are diuretics. Aloe Vera heals wounds and Mint is good for gas. Lettuce contains a calming compound, called Lettucine, (which was thought to be similar to opium),  the best effect comes from eating the bitter stem areas.  

The best green sources are bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage, celery, green peas, thyme and parsley. Of course there are cucumbers, but they are classified as fruit. Cucumber has all the nutrients of a vegetable, including phosphate for energy. Cucumbers keep you cool in the summer. It is also good to be, “As cool as a cucumber, meaning “imperturbable.” It is really enlightening to know that plant structures resembles that of our bodies. 

Now there is one green fruit that is popular, but toxic. Green apples have cyanide in the skin and also in the seeds. Cyanide is a poison to our eyes. It is also a poison to children. The inside of the apple contains pectin, which can be used medicinally to make an antidote to diarrhea known as Kaolin-Pectin. 

Hippocrates stated, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”  For example, when copper replaces magnesium in the porphyrin structure, it is believed that it can heal cancer.  Green is available globally; it is economically priced, as well as physiologically and psychology good for you.

Music: Digital Drug Therapy by Travis Tillery

Different music affects the electrical activity of the brain. The effects depend on the pitch, tone color and dynamics, rhythm, beats, melody, harmony, forms, and style. We can repeat or contrast sounds to stimulate our moods. Music is used in our society politically, economically, and socially. William Shakespeare stated “The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not mov’d with concord of sweet sounds is fit for treasons, strategems and spoils.”

Before the discovery of medications in the middle ages, the church used music as a powerful influence to sedate the hard working serfs. The music was chanted to calm the spirit. Singing was the only way to produce music, via a solo voice or a choir. After 1170, composers developed rhythm. Then in Paris at the time of the Renaissance, beautiful words were put to music to make melody. This practice spread all over Europe in Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch, using the organ and the harpsichord.

In the Baroque period of 1600-1750, music was the pivotal sound to elevate the mood of the aristocracy, especially the music of Johan Sebastian Bach. He was so hypnotic, that he would be jailed if he wanted to leave his job. Baroque music had one theme: Joy. The continuity of rhythm was repeated in a compelling manner to produce melody. This music was seen to calm the nerves in the body while it gave the mind great focus.

Similar musical effects are found today in electronic new age music and the Pop songs that I have composed. This music is designed to calm the nerves, while
helping young adults to think more clearly. The Alpha state can be reached and along with it, a feeling of mood elevation.  This music is in direct contrast to rock music that produces Beta Waves that can cause anxiety, anger and depression.

We need music in our lives, and the right kind of music to soothe our souls as well as our brains.

Travis Tillery - 

Do I really need an energy drink or a vitamin B12 supplement?

by Dr. Donna Tillery 

We cannot stress enough how important Vitamin B12 is to your nutrition. It cannot be made in the body of plants or animals. Instead, it is made in the stomach by most bacteria residing there. B12 (extrinsic factor) is the most powerful of the B vitamins, and the only one that needs to bind to another compound (intrinsic factor) before absorption. 

There are two types: Cyanocobalamin (with cyanide) and Hydroxy-cobolamin (without cyanide). Vitamin B12 is added to cereals, multivitamins, energy drinks and energy shots. It is also added to baby formulas and vitamins from birth on into adulthood. Babies usually have more B12 than the mother at birth. It must be emphasized that any B12, whether in energy drink or foods, takes 8 hours to be absorbed orally. So we could take B12 supplements before bedtime and have energy in the morning or 8 hours before increase energy is needed. If it is given by injection, it will be available in the body after 1 hour. 

Absorption will be enhanced in the intestine by calcium and magnesium, which help to remove the acid from the stomach. It takes 3-5 days to correct anemia. Therefore, the immediate energy from energy drinks comes from sugar (if added), caffeine and niacin that is also added. Niacin gives a warm tingling feeling and causes the face to look blushed. The key principle of B12 is to break down fats (ingested and stored) for energy, forming 16-18 ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in direct contrast to carbohydrates which form 38 molecules of ATP, and 50% is stored as fat in our bodies. The other 50% of glucose is stored as glycogen, which causes water retention in the body. 

Dr. George Whipple at John Hopkins University discovered the vitamin when he fed anemic dogs with liver. 

In the past, unwashed vegetables had B12 content with the bacteria present there. Dietary sources of B12 are liver, raw eggs, and unwashed vegetables (with bacteria) or legumes, which has bacteria in the nodules, fishes: salmon, sardines, etc., which contain bacteria from the sea, muscle meat, cheeses and cottage cheese. Vitamin B12 comes as tablets, in a spray or oral liquid, through injections, or by lozenge. The highest dose is sublingual. An injection may have more side effects in the lung, heart, skin and lowers potassium in body. This occurs because potassium is taken up in the cells, when anemia is corrected. 

Although B12 is water soluble, the body stores this vitamin in the liver. It takes about 3 months to become deficient. Therefore it does not have to be taken more often like the other water-soluble vitamins. Its key word is ENERGY. Energy in the body is making and breaking ATP chemical bonds. 1/4th of the world’s supply of synthetic B12 is made in France and 3/4th made in China. The goal of B12 therapy is to maintain the brain’s electrical activity in alpha rhythms at 8-12cycles per second, which is not thinking too fast or too slow. This type of thinking develops at adolescence when the brain is creative and there is increased serotonin and elevated moods. Additional Serotonin comes from Vitamin B6, Fish oils, and Tryptophan. This brain rhythm cycle is decreased, by low blood glucose, low body temperature, low adreno-glucocorticoid hormones, like hydrocortisone, etc., and high carbon dioxide (e.g eating high carbohydrates), opening eyes too long and focusing on objects. 


B12 increase fat metabolism to form fatty acids which forms acetic acid, then citric acid in the Krebs cycle (aerobic cycle, increased by exercise), and later carbon dioxide and water. Fats form phospholipids (phosphate bonds) to maintain the integrity nervous system by forming a strong cover for the nerves in the brain, spine and muscles. If deficient in the muscles, there will be an unsteadiness of the ankle and feet. To complete this process it makes one amino acid (methionine) from protein. In the brains of the elderly B12 is proven

to decrease brain shrinkage and propensity toward Alzheimer’s disease. In the general population B12 decreases allergic reactions in the body by increasing suppressor-T cells, (the cells that fight allergens) and it decreases fatigue. 

B12 aids DNA and nucleic acid production because it has one of the ingredients when B12 acts as a coenzyme, which is deoxy-adenosyl which enhances DNA synthesis and cellular metabolism for energy and growth. B12 also increases the neuro-chemical: SAMe,( S-adenosyl methionine) from homocysteine which is used by the body to convert B12 to folic acid, therefore if B12 is decreased, folic acid will be decreased as well. When folic acid is decreased, anemia results. SAMe is sold as a nutrient. 

B12 stimulates the bone marrow to form red blood cells, which transport more oxygen to the brain and body. Adequate red blood cells prevent anemia. An anemic person and a person with liver disease will appear pale or almost yellow. Anyone with pernicious anemia, where the red blood cells remain large and do not divide into smaller cells, may have gastrointestinal cancer. B12 helps maintain the lining the gastrointestinal tract. B12 also stimulates the bone marrow to form white blood cells to fight infection, and platelets to prevent bleeding. It is a coenzyme for amino acids from proteins. B12 as hydroxycobalomin, cyanide in cyanide poisoning. 

B12 is responsible for the chemical reaction to convert folic acid to the active form in the body. Folic acid can correct anemia, but not damage to the nerves. 


The chemical structure of Vitamin B12 contains Cobalt or Cobalamin and a corrin ring. The corrin ring is related to porphyrin in Chlorophyll in plants and heme in our blood. B12 is red from the cobalt. 

Allergy has to be checked for Cobalamin and cyanide before B12 

B12 can be made in a synthetic form with activated charcoal and bacteria, with cyanide forming from the charcoal that could damage the eyes. To repeat, it is not found naturally in plants and animals. It is also made biologically in our small intestines from bacteria (the same bacteria that can cause infections).

Through metabolism B12 is changed to simple compounds in the liver, which is excreted through the bile and kidney. It has a half-life of 6 days (the time for half the dose to leave the body). 


It is recommended that vegetarians eat fortified breakfast and foods with Vitamin B12. There are certain proteins needed to make enzymes ; e.g protease  from pancreas to form pepsin, which frees the B12 bound to protein from the saliva. This occurs in the stomach. The action of neurotransmitters, including 5-hydroxytryptamine from tryptophan which forms serotonin, is diminished when B12 level is low. This is because the nerves degenerate and the neurotransmitters become ineffective. Both a good supply of neurotransmitters and good nerve structure are needed. 

Conditions that need Consideration 

Any disease of the gastrointestinal tract will lower B12 levels and the B12 injection is the preferred route of administration. Pesticides used on foods lower serotonin and nerve action will be lower. Drinking alcohol results in decreased absorption of B12, folic acid and other vitamins. Taking antibiotics decreases bacteria in intestines, therefore the amount of Vitamin B12 made is decreased. Regarding antiviral therapy with AZT, Combivir, Retrovir, etc. , depresses the brain and reflexes; they may cause anemia. Antacids, H2-blocker ( Tagamet, Pepcid, etc.)  and Proton pump inhibitors ( Prilosec, Prevacid, Protonix, etc.) decrease the acid content of the stomach. H2 and proton are the terms for Hydrogen, which comes from hydrochloric acid in the stomach, necessary for the synthesis of B12 in the body. 

Similar effects occurs with Antidiabetics: Metformin taken more than 5years decrease absorption by30%. Smokers should know that nicotine increases cyanide that could additively damage vision. Nitrous Oxide during anesthesia or Nitrous oxide decreass the response to nerve stimulation of B12. 

B12 converts to Folic acid, therefore adding too much Folic Acid along with B12 supplements will increase nerve damage from excess folic acid. An increase of Potassium supplements in anemia will decrease the absorption of B12. Once the anemia is corrected more potassium will be needed to replace the amount taken up by the new red blood cells. Some anti cancer drugs prevent the formation of folic acid and also decrease the formation of cells in the bone marrow during B12 stimulation. Therefore Folic acid supplement is required with some cancer drugs. 

Specific Doses for Infants Through Adult 

Oral Daily Vitamin B12 is recommended, the doses are as follows: for

infants 1 mcg, for 2 year olds,  2mcg, 4 year -olds, 4mcg, 8 year olds to adult, 5mcg, for males and and females, more for pregnant women, women who are lactating and anemic women. The elderly have less acid in the stomach. With decreased acid, or with antacids, 80%-100% could be lost in the gut before absorption. The normal population loses 30-60% of B12 in gut before absorption.  Therefore to get 1.5mcg in the body, we need 50mcg in the intestines. The liver stores 50% of the B12 stored in the body, 2-5mg in adults.